Euro 07 Civic Type R FN2 Group N ECU

Euro 07 Civic Type R Group N ECU

The Group N ECU lowers the VTEC point from 5400 to 3800 rpm, advances the cam angle and raises the rev limit to 8600 rpm.

We have implemented a VTEC window from 3800rpm to 5400 rpm.

Below 3800 rpm the K20Z4 engine is always on the low cam

Above 5400 rpm the K20Z4 engine is always on the high cam

Between 3800 rpm and 5400 rpm the K20Z4 is on the low cam at part throttle switching to the high cam at full throttle.

The Group N ECU will work well with on a stock vehicle or on a vehicle with a variety of aftermarket performance parts. It will work well with:

An intake that has been designed to keep the stock air fuel ratio

Cat-backs (as long as they are less restrictive than stock. (There are several that are more restrictive.)

A race header (for off road use only)

A combination of intake and race header

The 07 Civic Type R employs a mass air flow sensor that automatically adjusts the air-fuel ratio for increases in air flow from intakes and race headers. Race headers will not cause this engine to run lean.

The VTEC switch point on this reflash is very smooth – much smoother than the stock switch point. With a stock air box and race header the switch point is virtually undetectable. For the reduction in VTEC “kick” and aural stimulation, we apologize, but this is the path to maximum power.

Power is gained in the midrange from 4700rpm to 6300 rpm. Power gains above 6500 rpm are small, although the higher rev limit will raise average power a little.

This ECU will work with a completely stock Civic Type R or one with a combination of performance parts.

The following dyno chart displays power and torque on the wheels (not on the flywheel) before and after the installation of the stock ECU. The bottom red line is a completely stock Civic Type R. The top blue line is the power and torque generated from the addition of an intake, header and Group N ECU. A stock catback was used.

There are significant midrange gains from 4500 to 6000 RPM. At 5400 RPM the torque increases almost 25% from 106 to 132 ft-lbs. The Civic becomes a lot more driveable.


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    • Jyrki Huttunen
    • Mar 10th. 2011 9:36pm

    Euro 07 Civic Type R FN2 Group N ECU

    how much does it cost?
    Do you send a Finland if I buy it?

    Thank you

    • BOSSE
    • Jan 15th. 2018 3:59am

    I am French and I use a language translator.
    I would like to have your help on a honda civic type r EP3 of 2003. I am at MARTINIQUE and can not find people who can touch my management.
    I am looking to buy a Hondata or other but do not know anyone to settle remotely.
    Is there an alternative to my problem?
    Waiting for an answer.

    • NURUDDIN Sokeechand
    • Apr 4th. 2018 9:23am

    I would like to know about the Hondata for fn2
    Europe model
    I need it without Immobilize can start direct
    Thanking you in advance for your cooperation

    • Gregh
    • Apr 8th. 2018 2:27pm


    j’ai tenté de prendre contact avec vous plusieurs fois via l’adresse:
    sans résultat
    je suis intéresse par cette ECU pouvez-vous me communiquer son prix, disponibilité, condition d’expédition
    je vous en remercie d’avance

    • Przemek
    • Nov 9th. 2018 5:11pm

    Witam. Jaki jest koszt i czas założenia i wystrojenia hondata do Civic fn2 2008 rok?

    • Vladimirs Ostapcuks
    • Jun 5th. 2019 6:54am

    That abouts immo, is it possible to torn it off?